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Ingredient info for all bath & body products


Here at Paisley and Faith we create mostly all natural products, which are still an extremely healthy choice for your skin. They are made using 100% all natural & organic ingredients, but may contain a fragrance oil, colorant, additive, or preservative. 

Any “extras” are chosen wisely to ensure the health of the product and we keep them to an absolute minimum of what is required. 

Why bother explaining? We want you to know exactly what you are purchasing, and putting on your skin. We want to keep an open, honest line of communication with our customers.

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  • We create in small batches so your products are fresh. Because of this, appearance may differ slightly with each batch.

  • We recommend using your products within a 6-8 month period and keep them sealed to keep them fresh. Body washes can be kept up to a year. Again, you want to keep the cap closed to preserve the freshness.

  • Use caution, as your tub/shower may be just a bit slippery. We have tested our products many times and have not had that problem, but we'd like everyone to be aware.

  • Please note that any preservative that is used is used at a minimum. Although we would love to disregard preservatives all together, in some products, it is necessary and required by state health standards.

  • All ingredients are responsibly sourced, and everything from ingredients to containers are purchased from companies within the USA. We here at Paisley and Faith strongly believe in supporting not only our local community of suppliers but suppliers within the USA.

  • We use mostly organic and all non GMO ingredients.

  • Our products are Cruelty Free, and unless listed otherwise are Paraben Free.

  • All of our products are tested on myself, my husband, and my best girlfriends!!



Handmade Earring Product Info


  •  All of the leather and fabric that is used is either hand cut by myself or cut using a silhouette cameo cutter.

  • The earring pieces, and those that connect in your ears are all nickel free.

  • Fabrics, jewelry pieces, and those of the like are all locally sourced and purchased from American made companies. We here at Paisley and Faith strongly believe in supporting not only our local community of suppliers but suppliers within the USA.

  • Because of the variety of fabrics we use, long exposure to sunlight could cause fading. We have not yet experienced this but want to make everyone aware.  

  • Our products are all handmade and therefore we consider variations in product sizes up to .25" from descriptions to be considered normal and not considered defective.

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