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Hello, my name is Amelia Cooper

and I created Paisley and Faith to turn a passion into a business.

I am a manicurist by trade and so I saw a need for quality, small batch, natural, mostly organic bath and body products that i myself could use as well as use on my clients. I am severally allergic to quite a few ingredients in most skin care products on the market. And after 15 years in the beauty industry, I was recognizing this same concern in many of my clients. I also want to spread the understanding that #Selfcare is not selfish. I've always believed that if you are not good to yourself, then you are no good to anyone else. We all have incredibly busy lives and so it's so important to take real moments to reset and renew ourselves. 

 I was fortunate enough to learn about making products from a very good girlfriend who showed me where to start. Any preservatives used in my products are there when absolutely necessary and in the minimum amount required.  I will always strive to produce quality, healthy, cruelty free, products.  I also will make sure to never post or sell a product that I am not 100% happy with. I do a lot of research and testing before I release a product. I want to produce quality, not quantity! All of my products are tested on myself and my very patient, very understanding, very good test subject and handsome man! 


Now you might be asking, whats with the name?

Well it's actually a pretty simple answer. 

Paisley is my favorite pattern. It has a lot of details and can take on different looks but always has the shape and structure of what makes it timeless.

Faith, because without my faith in God as my foundation, and faith in myself to take the leap to try something new, I wouldn't have had the fortitude to step out in this new direction. 


Being a small business owner as a manicurist, and now having Paisley and Faith as another business, I am a strong supporter of other small businesses.

I have also always been a very loyal buyer of American Made & American Companies for products & goods before going anywhere else, and that extends to buying supplies for my businesses as well!


Thank you for your time & support! 


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